Saturday, September 27, 2014

Training at Worlds Gym in Glendale 

I had some super training sessions the last three weeks at world gym.  They really have some serious bodybuilders and fitness people there and it makes it very easy to train hard and to get some serious weight lifting in.

My weight poundages have gone up significantly in the last month and I could definitely see and feel the results.  if you're going to train and you want results you do after increase your weights. You simply cannot put on muscle if you're handling super lightweights, and you really will not get any results either.

I sometimes jump rope for 10 minutes at the end of my workout and I'm still playing tennis and hiking too.  Now I did you just start to clean up my diet the next two weeks I get a little more sleep and see how far I can take this

I have big plans! 

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