Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bodybuilding at 60 years old

Well it's time for me now to really start training. I have been swamped training and also educating students for the last couple years. 

But from now on I'm going to make sure that I put in time on my own training and diet for want to see just what kind of shape I can get in!  

My current routine includes;

  • Training at 6:15 AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  • Playing teaching tennis Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Saturday – Sunday
  • Hiking or running sprints to three times a week
I am now going to start doing an extra work out and night twice a week, some yoga and flexibility, and some medicine ball and jiu jitsu workout.  

Plus I am going to try to tighten up my diet and to also make sure I have more time to relax and recover. 60 years old you can still handle very substantial weights we have to make sure you have perfect form and higher reps.  You also have to watch your weight is absolutely stupid to try and get too heavy when you're over 50 years old. This puts a lot of strain on your heart and internal organs will do no good at all.

In fact I know it will hurt your cardiovascular system it will put excessive strain when your joints and you will begin to lose movement and flexibility!  Remember is we age our bones lose strength and also some flexibility.  Therefore do not try to weigh more than you did or the same about you did if you were playing college football or another sport that required you to bulk up.

Trading over 50 you  have to be smart and use your mind as much as your body. We want to be able to move, be active,  and enjoy our life as we age. So let's made sure we train to be healthy, and have fun,

I will now post more pictures and the effects of my training once or twice a week. I will soon start the channel on YouTube.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Should You Juice or Blend to be Healthy

Personally I prefer to blend my fruits and vegetables instead of juicing them.  I do this for a definite purpose.

When you juice you are extracting the water and nutrients from produce and trying to discard the fiber.  Without the fiber your digestive system doesn't have to work as hard to break down the food and can almost instantly absorb nutrients.  It can make the nutrients  quickly available to your body and in much larger quantities than if you were just eat those all of those fruits and vegetables. 

Is also the reason and I not use a juicer.  When you are juicing fruits, the juice that is made can release the sugar into your body at a extremely rapid raise. This is because of the fiber has been removed from the fruit and vegetables.   If you were only juicing fruit this can cause a huge spike in your blood sugar level which can be most unhealthy for your body.  High blood sugar levels can cause diabetes, mood swings and other physical ailments, 

When you use the blender you are also getting all of the fiber and skin from the fruits and vegetables you blend.  By blending you are able to break the fiber apart from the food fruit or vegetables, which helps create a slow even release of the nutrients into your body and bloodstream, and avoids the blood sugar spikes that can result from using a juicer and juicing fruits.  Also by blending fruits and vegetables it makes them easier to digest since the blender has broke the fiber apart.  Plus I have found making a smoothie in my blender is much more filling than just drinking juice from a juicer. 

Dr. Herbert Shelton states in his books is best not to combine certain fruits and vegetables so do not combine vegetables like carrots, broccoli, zucchini for they have high starch content. And starches are digested with enzymes different from those used for any other food groups.  If you combine these vegetables with fruit it can it can cause gas and other symptoms.  What he did fine is that you can combine green leafy vegetables with pretty much anything you want, that is what I combine them with spinach and kale.

The last part is make sure you try to drink but you made in the first 15 or 20 minutes after you've created it. Both the air and light will destroy many of the nutrients the longer it sits out after you have made it. So after you have made your smoothie or juice sitdown, relax, and drink it  also do not make too much and then try to store it. Try too make just enough for you to use in one session

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Popeyes ice cream

I first tried this at the Blendtech booth will going to Cosco. I was in a hurry and just grabbed it and start walking toward took a taste of it.  And let me say it tasted incredible!!

I have now started make my own version the last couple of weeks.  My ingredients include;

  • 3/4 Almond or coconut milk
  • Spinach and Kale
  • Agave nectar-  I only use 2 tablespoons- You can add more
  • One cup of ice
I have a vita mix many high-end blender will do. Come by all of the ingredients and set the blender on low.  Blend for 30 seconds to one minute and then remove ingredients.

With the Agave nectar I only use a little bit of this to minimize the sugar content.

This is a great way to have your family or children enjoy health benefits of spinach and kale.   Try it I think you'll really like it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Working the core muscles

This is been a hot button term for the last 10 or 15 years. Everyone talks about working the core. What the heck does that mean.

First of all there more than a few strength and conditioning coaches who feel that working the core is something they put minimum time into.   They feel it is a term used by trainers to train Hollywood celebrities and people who were not athletes.

The core muscles include both your abdominals and your lower back muscles. They are at the center of your body and they are versus what hold your body together. Virtually every movement or exercise you do involves those muscles. If they are strong and meet your posture is straight and for any athletic endeavor A strong core will enhance your performance,

And of course for bodybuilding or fitness having a strong core a flat stomach is absolutely necessary. And like it or not it is also the way most people at judge if you are in shape or not.  When you put on a bathing suit to to it or go swim or relax and Sun bath you want to have a flat well toned stomach. That is the standard for what is called a sexy body.

When you do exercises for the core they are not just for the muscles that we call the six pack. we are also working oblique muscles and also the muscles of our lower back. That means we are not just doing endless crunches. We are doing other movements that strengthen and also provide flexibility to our core muscles.

As a trainer I have witnessed many athletes who have incurred injuries by ignoring the core muscles and by also putting on excessive weight. Most excessive way is stored around the abdominal muscles. This weight then put extra pressure on your lower back to keep you in an upright position. This can waken your lower back and make you very susceptible to injury.

In addition any extra weight is going to put incredible pressure on your joints. Especially your feet and ankles knees and hips.  I do not care how much muscle you put on to try to make up for this excess weight your boat structure can only handle so much weight. It is like taking your car and starting to put 45 pound plates and it. There's become a point in time with your friend cannot support that way is going to collapse. So will your body

So you must keep this in mind as you start to develop your body had to train. We are all born with different types of bone structures and you need to take a good look at yours to see just how much weight you can carry. If you exceed this way but a large amount you are going to costly be injured and unable to train, and you will be most unhealthy.

And remember our goal for bodybuilding's health first. I don't care how much muscle you on if you feel awful it will not be worth it. And believe me I have known hi but it's a bodybuilders and Ashley's who have done just that. Well everyone is complimenting them on how big they are what's around the gym there most unhealthy.

Remember the abdominals are made up of four muscle groups. So we need to have a wide variety of exercises to hit all of these muscle groups. Many of these exercises consists of movement from a mat and also using an exercise ball. That's right bending down to pick up something also works your abdominals and your core.

Another group of exercises that address the core or Pilates.  These were created in the 1920s and they were designed to strengthen, tone, and develop the deep core abdominal muscles. They not only develop the abdominal muscles they also provide stability and flexibility when you were working out or playing a sport. They enable you to maintain body balance when you are moving in any direction. 

So make sure you do Core exercises in your workouts. You want to maintain a strong sleek,body, keep your lower back strong and flexible, and be able to maintain a good balance position all during the day. It will also help you create or maintain the hourglass figure that we all work hard to achieve.

I will soon put up some of my favorite exercises to about the car on my website

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Setting your bodybuilding goals

To be successful in any endeavor we need to set goals. This is what keeps us going when we’re tired, lack motivation, or have distractions that occur in our life.

But by looking at our goals this will motivate us to work out it correctly and push ourselves to matter what occurs in our personal life.  This is what will enable us to be successful as we pursue our fitness goals.

The first step is to have realistic goals that are short-term. After all is the Chinese say to accomplish any goal you must take the first step. So you need to sit down and write some goals that would apply for the next week the next two weeks in the next month.
Make them realistic we are not going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in a month. That’s not going to happen. But we could lose 60 pounds or put on 6 to 8 pounds of muscle or   lose 2 to 3 inches around our waist.

I like to chart the wayside handle on a weekly basis. That way I can see how my body is reacting to what I am doing in my personal life. Am I not getting enough sleep and my not eating correctly and my letting stress what a day to day life affect me too much.
If I see A steady decrease in my ways that I know I need to adjust the other things I’m doing. I also go by how I feel each day. In other words I want to wake up feeling great and feel that way for the rest of the day. We do not want to have a three-hour workout every day and then go home and have no energy and not feel well during the day.

The first goal of bodybuilding is to look and feel good. It is not to take steroids and to look good I just feel awful and to be unhealthy. Wish you stop the steroids your muscle is either going to go away or you’re going to find you’re unable to drop that excess weight you have and most of it now Will no longer be muscle.

I have walked by people in the gym and not recognize them after they went on steroids this includes men and women. Some have lost between 20 to 50 pounds others have maintained the same way I lost 20 to 30% of their muscle mass. This is also very very hard and bad for your body. Anyway that goes on fast comes Allfast is going to go right back off right back on fast. We are looking for long-term health  goals.

After you create your goals you need to look at. Look at them two or three times a day do not ignore them. Remember out of sight out of mind. Look at them they got them all the time. Was someone offers you to pieces of birthday cake repeat your goal and maybe have half of one. When everyone else is sleeping in repeat your goal and get up early in the morning and get a workout in.

Remember you will feel like $1 million when you’re healthy you train, and when you take care yourself. And you cannot buy that feeling I don’t care how much money you have. I have training in Jim’s reset celebrities and their working out many of them hooked on drugs, alcohol, etc.. They have all the money in the world but they cannot keep healthy. 

I believe that you need sufficient rest to recover to relieve stress and to feel  and perform at an optimal level. If you are not getting enough sleep rest relaxation you are going to lose muscle, Game wait that is fat, suffer the effects when your heart and body. This includes high blood pressure and the possibility of stroke or heart attack. Remember the goal of bodybuilding is to build your body and be healthy. Not to be huge muscle to be unhealthy to pass away when you’re in your 40s, 

Over the last 10 to 15 years there’ve been multiple professional wrestlers, strength athletes, and bodybuilders with passed away in their early 40s. Most of them carried way too much weight, did not do any cardio work, you do not monitor their body is the work out. By ignoring their general health and focusing just on size and muscle mass and it up destroying their body and dying 2030 years before they should have.  They died too young like trying to make everybody do what it was not meant to. 

So always remember Health first when you set your goals. You want to have a healthy happy active life for the day you're born to the day you die. So set your goals to show modest game's each week each month each year. 

Push yourself and your workouts and towards all of your goals. Celebrate the success and analyze each failure. As long as you try to correct the mistakes you make your never failing. You're simply changing directions each day to become better and stronger each day.