Saturday, July 19, 2014

Training in the Swimming Pool - 07/19/14

I have been running sprints in the pool doing straights- running backwards sideways and jumping up. I alternate with treading water and go over 30 to 45 minutes of full sprints and some stress.
Played tennis today and flat out kicked ass!!!! I want four sets in a row against them the top players in SCV

I Run as fast as I can in the water for sprints, and then I do stride outs as long as a stride as I can also!  I then tread water  pushing as hard as I can with both arms and feet while I'm doing it.  I can Tread water easily for 30 minutes now while making the water really rise  what I'm doing it,  I mean making my legs and arms move rapidly.

It is an incredible high intensity low-impact workout! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Training Update -7/10/14
My training world's gym is really escalating. In our work out in five times a week along with tennis and swimming.  My weight pal just going out and  am able to do more exercises each day. I'm going to start tightening up my diet

I'm going to steadily increase the power outages next 60 days, remove most of that from my diet, see what I can look like.  I only take about 30 seconds between each exercise is big enough to put equipment to use.