Saturday, August 23, 2014

Training at Worlds Gym

Bed back to the gym for the last two weeks now and getting great results!  I work out about 5:50 AM to 6:50 AM and I go in a very rapid pace.

My weight poundages are going up but I still keep them under control and go for form first.   I have been also getting an aerobic workout for play tennis and from running sprints in the pool.

I have kept my diet very clean and each week try to add more healthy foods to it.   The next two weeks I'm going to try to start cutting off some of the carbs and lean up and see ho cut up  I can get.

6 feet 205 pounds now I will try to go around 200 by the end of next week.   Not bad for sixty years old

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Visiting Daughter and Granddaughters

Brought mat - 25 pound dumbbells 
up 6AM -  run 1 mile of sprints up HIGH grass hill in park
Walk 1/2 mile there and back to park
200 pushuos
500 situps
100 free squats
100 curls- hammer curls - cleans and presses-  rows with dumbbells
20 minutes of yoga stretching 

I do not care where you are what you are doing you can still get a good workout when you travel and when you are on vacation

And you will FEEL so much better when you do!    make it habit you never stop