Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Does using Creatine make you bald

Creatine produces DHT in your body. Although the cause of male pattern baldness is not yet fully understood, it does seem to be intimately linked to a compound known as DHT, or “dihydrotestosterone” This has been linked to an increase in hair loss which can be seen by a receding hairline (not the hair loss that starts at the back of the head

For those athletes who may be particularly sensitive to DHT, due to genetic reasons, the nutrients that are important for healthy hair follicles are blocked from being absorbed into the scalp. This will ultimately causing the follicles and to to shrink fall out over time.

This is exactly what minoxidil, which is sold in most stores,  does.  It had been found to remove or dilute the  DHT in your body and scalp area exclusively,

In my opinion if find you are starting ti lose your hair, and  if you are balding, taking creatine may VERY WELL slightly accelerate hair loss.  

I stopped using Creatine years ago for this reason

I believe the use of steroids does has the same effect also on your scalp line. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Does Sugar cause inflammation

The answer is a simple yes. Both Sugar and White flour can and will cause inflammation of your joints.

White flower is a simple carbohydrate, and it breaks down into sugar with the help of digestive enzymes.And when you put high amounts of sugar in your diet you cause the production of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) ,This is then results in the production of cytokines.

Cytokines interact with cells of the immune system and the help to regulate the body's response to disease. Not to get too technical here but inflammation is one of the first responses of the immune system to infection. Inflammation is caused when cytokines, which are released by injured or infected cells are released. 

The symptoms of inflammation include redness and swelling, which are caused by increased blood flow into the tissue.
Also Eating foods that you are allergic to will destabilize your insulin and causes poor blood sugar levels, and this will leads to greater inflammation. 

 So I would suggest you avoid or limit your consumption of sugar and white flour,

Monday, September 7, 2015

70 Year old Bodybuilder - Melanie

I just posted the training routine and some of the diet a 70-year-old bodybuilder Melanie from England.   She is in incredible shape it looks like she's about 40 years old.  She has been training for most of her life and really hard for the last 15 years.

She is living proof that if we continue to train scientifically and watch your diet we can stay in shape and look great for our entire life. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The new one second slicer

Yes I know I have seen many product advertised and when I took the plunge and bought them to be greatly lacking.    But I have found that this product has been a very good purchase for someone interested in health

I have been able to cut up fruit salads in a matter of a minute and also cut up onions,  tomatoes, zucchini,  most any kind of vegetables and then cook or put them in salads.

The only problem I see is sometimes what you were cutting up will stick to the plastic part you push down where you can easily scrape them off. It also has two different size cutting blades that you can use the reverse.   And the good thing is you could also use it to store what you just cut up in the fridge  very easily.

You can find them online so they have a infomercial. They can also be washed by hand or easily inside the dishwasher.  I use one and I also gave one to my daughter. I would highly recommend it for a project for you to use or a gift for anyone interested in being healthy.  It really makes cutting up vegetables or fruit something that could be done in seconds and therefore providing you with a very healthy meals

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is shoulder pain affecting your workouts. Then you may have carpal tunnel syndrome

I have an extensive article of this up on my website

I have been experiencing shoulder pain for the last 6 to 8 weeks when I try to work out.   That means even when I try to do dumbbell curls I have a sharp burning pain in the front of my shoulders.  When I try to do dumbbell bench presses, or any other form of benchpress I have  Extreme pain in my front shoulders.

Do you have pain in your shoulders, your neck, and do you have pain when you try to sleep?   Have you stop doing certain exercises or sports because of the constant pain and your shoulders when you try them?   If so then this article will help you take care of that problem. 

 Now I was blaming the heavyweights I was using and lowered the weights but still the pain persisted.  Plus when you're dumbbell bench press goes from 65 pounds to 25 pounds you realize you're not going to get the results you want.

But I also noticed that when I was not on the computer for 8 to 10 hours a day that my shoulders did not ache and there was not the pain level that I had when I was on the computer. I could also almost get through a normal bodybuilding workout.

So I did some on line computer investigation and found out that I have a form of carpal tunnel syndrome called  Uppercross syndrome. 

Simply put I am a hunt and peck typist and I spend sometimes 8 to 10 hours a day in front of a computer.  And that means I am leaning forward with my head forward as I type. And that makes my shoulders and spine try to support my head from an unnatural position.  And so the shoulders and upper back or working 10 times harder than they should to support my neck.

And that results in constant shoulder pain in the front and sometimes back of the shoulder, pain in the neck, and pain when trying to sleep. 

In other words I was in constant pain so I have now been making sure I am sitting straight up-and-down and also I got a new computer desk.   That way I can see the keyboard through glass what I maybe working on just looking at the computer screen and making sure my back and neck are up straight.

I am all so now making sure I do exercises every 5 to 10 minutes I do not sit without moving on the computer for two to three hours at a time without moving.    

We need to increase our shoulder flexibility again and get our spine and upper neck back in alignment.  And we need to make sure we do this each and every day,  or there will be serious issues in the future and our shoulder and neck area.

So please read my article on my website and I will see what I have exercise pictures and video up soon

Monday, November 24, 2014


If you're going to be successful in developing your body you must not only be constantly trying to increase the amount of weights that you handle for your exercises, but at the same time you must also be very careful of the stress that you were placing on your shoulders, knees, and lower back.

I have seen athletes for over 30 years virtually ruin their joints by handling too much weight and only getting exercise from lifting weights  They begin to cheat when they do the exercises and when they start experience pain in her joints.

They stop doing perfect form and start to use their legs and lower back so they can handle the same amount of weights, or no longer do a full extension of the exercise.  And the more their joints ache, the less range of motion they use on the exercise that they are doing.  Which also means they are losing flexibility in their muscles and joints for they no longer doing a full range of motion. 

I would suggest that every athlete include some static and non-static stretching either during their work out or to different part of the day.  And that you also include at least 1-2 rest stays during the week when you should be doing some flexibility exercises and aerobics to let your joints relax and your muscles grow.  

In fact if you find your poundages are going down, your joints and body are racing, it is always good idea to take a day or two off and let your body recover and your muscles to grow.

Do not feel guilty about this and definitely do not keep training add keeping the weights up or you are risking the chance of serious surgery and having to lay off for months before you can train again

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Training Routine 10/19/14

I have been working out and world's gym about two months now.  I go in early in the morning in the atmosphere is great a lot of serious people in there.  In order to train hard you knew to be around people who are positive and have a lot of energy and want to work hard. 

My strength is increasing steadily and this week and I will get a little more rest  and try to get some more aerobics in.  I am bringing my lunch and breakfast each day and have a healthy meal prepared when I come home at night. 

I am also getting plenty of sleep and rest for that is one key to being in great shape.  If you do not get enough rest your muscles will  not fill out or grow.  And as we age we need to maintain our muscle mass.