Monday, November 24, 2014


If you're going to be successful in developing your body you must not only be constantly trying to increase the amount of weights that you handle for your exercises, but at the same time you must also be very careful of the stress that you were placing on your shoulders, knees, and lower back.

I have seen athletes for over 30 years virtually ruin their joints by handling too much weight and only getting exercise from lifting weights  They begin to cheat when they do the exercises and when they start experience pain in her joints.

They stop doing perfect form and start to use their legs and lower back so they can handle the same amount of weights, or no longer do a full extension of the exercise.  And the more their joints ache, the less range of motion they use on the exercise that they are doing.  Which also means they are losing flexibility in their muscles and joints for they no longer doing a full range of motion. 

I would suggest that every athlete include some static and non-static stretching either during their work out or to different part of the day.  And that you also include at least 1-2 rest stays during the week when you should be doing some flexibility exercises and aerobics to let your joints relax and your muscles grow.  

In fact if you find your poundages are going down, your joints and body are racing, it is always good idea to take a day or two off and let your body recover and your muscles to grow.

Do not feel guilty about this and definitely do not keep training add keeping the weights up or you are risking the chance of serious surgery and having to lay off for months before you can train again

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