Sunday, April 5, 2015

The new one second slicer

Yes I know I have seen many product advertised and when I took the plunge and bought them to be greatly lacking.    But I have found that this product has been a very good purchase for someone interested in health

I have been able to cut up fruit salads in a matter of a minute and also cut up onions,  tomatoes, zucchini,  most any kind of vegetables and then cook or put them in salads.

The only problem I see is sometimes what you were cutting up will stick to the plastic part you push down where you can easily scrape them off. It also has two different size cutting blades that you can use the reverse.   And the good thing is you could also use it to store what you just cut up in the fridge  very easily.

You can find them online so they have a infomercial. They can also be washed by hand or easily inside the dishwasher.  I use one and I also gave one to my daughter. I would highly recommend it for a project for you to use or a gift for anyone interested in being healthy.  It really makes cutting up vegetables or fruit something that could be done in seconds and therefore providing you with a very healthy meals

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